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Changes from Spark 1

New functionality

Changed keyboard shortcuts

The following keyboard shortcuts have been changed or removed.

Old Key New Key Functionality
H Ctrl H Show Help
Alt Left Ctrl Shift Left Go to previous desktop
Alt Right Ctrl Shift Right Go to next desktop
O Alt D Derivatives tool
Alt A X Alerts tool
Shift F Space Space Freeze
Ctrl X Ctrl Shift X Clear desktop
Ctrl L Ctrl Shift L Snap desktop
Alt 1,2,3... removed Show nth watchbar stock
Alt O removed Toggle watchbar
R removed RSS tool

New keyboard shortcuts

Key Functionality
H Toggle column headings
Ctrl N New tool config
Ctrl L Load tool config
Ctrl S Save tool config
.C When consolidating, show CXA data only
.. Remove any exchange filtering, e.g. .A, .C, or .N (dot dot)
O Show the Orders tool
Y Show the Market Trades tool
0 Remove any watchlist filter (zero)
Shift S Make the current watchlist the Speedlist
Ctrl Shift T Toggle tool titlebars
Ctrl D Show or hide chart drawings
// Move the rightmost to the current time
Space Space Pause/unpause
Alt Space Pause/unpause
Alt Left Go back in time
Alt Right Go forward in time
Alt Up Replay faster
Alt Down Replay slower
// Stop replay and go live
/T Replay by time
/E Replay by event

If you enable the Depth replay arrow keys without Alt preference, then whenever the current tool is replaying depth, you can use Space, Left, Right, Up, or Down without Alt.

Accessing stocks, charts, watchlists, and smartlists with the keyboard

Spark 2 allows you to save configurations for all tools and you can quickly cycle through them using the keyboard.

Keys 1 through 9 will change the subject of the tool.

  • For stock tools, 1..9 will change to the 1st through 9th stock in the current speedlist.
  • For market tools, 1..9 will filter by the 1st through 9th watchlist.

Left/right arrows will cycle through those stocks or watchlists.

Ctrl 1 through 9 will change the config of the tool to the 1st through 9th saved configuration for the tool. Ctrl Left/Right will cycle through your saved configurations.

For example, when viewing a chart, 1 through 9 will change the stock, and Ctrl 1 through 9 will change the type of chart.

Or when viewing a smartlist, 1..9 will filter the smartlist to only include stocks in watchlist 1 through 9, and Ctrl 1..9 will change the type of smartlist. 0 will remove the watchlist filter.

Simplified Watchlists

In Spark 2, the watchlist tool does not include any filtering options. Watchlists always show all of the stocks in the watchlist.

You can still reorder the list and add delta changes and relative volume, but filtering must be done with smartlists.

For example, if you have a smartlist that scans for stocks that are up in the last 5 minutes, you can press 1 to show stocks from your first watchlist that are in the last five minutes. Right arrow will cycle through each of your watchlists, showing stocks from the watchlist that are up in the last 5 minutes.

This is not restricted to smartlists. You can also filter rises, falls, volume, turnover, market announcements, market trades, and alerts by watchlist just by pressing 1..9 and the Left/Right arrow keys.

When a market tool is filtered by a watchlist, the watchlist's name appears in the top right of the tool's titlebar. Click the name to select a different watchlist from a list.


In Spark 1, trying to view S32 would show your 3rd or 32nd smartlist depending on how many you have.

In Spark 2, S immediately changes to the smartlist tool, showing whichever smartlist was viewed last.

1..9 then selects the 1st-9th smartlist. Left and right arrows select the previous or next smartlist.

You cannot go straight to your 10th or greater smartlist via the keyboard.

Typing S32 in Spark 2 will go to your 3rd smartlist, and then to your 2nd smartlist. It is interpreted as S, then 3, then 2.

The same behaviour is extended to other tools, so C3 will change to the chart tool and then select the 3rd stock in the speedlist.

To show the S32 stock in Spark 2, press Space to bring up the prompt, and type S32 Enter.

Spark 2 will always interpret what you type in the prompt as a stock code, unless you start with a special character.

Helpful hovers

When you hover the cursor over a change or percentage change figure, a pop-up displays the weekly, monthly, and yearly change figures.

By default, when you hover the cursor over any stock code, the market depth appears in a pop-up. If you hold the Ctrl key while hovering, the pop-up will switch to display a stock chart. The depth and chart settings for these popups can be configured via the Quick Popup tool.

Copy desktop layouts

To copy the layout of a desktop, hold Shift and drag a Mini and drop it on another Mini. You can also copy desktops between screens by dragging a Mini from one screen to another.

Window linking

Linking tool windows together is now easier.

Drag the titlebar of one tool while holding Shift and drop it on another tool.

A small chain link will appear on the left of the titlebar to indicate that the tools are linked.

Buy/Sell ratios

The Trend column in Spark 1 has been replaced with a Buy/Sell Ratio that shows the relative volume that has been bought or sold.

This column also shows the volume that will execute at auction if the stock is in pre-open.

When you set a Delta Time, the Buy/Sell Ratio is for that time range only.

You can revert to the old Trend column by setting a Legacy Preference.

Buy/Sell ratios in charts

You can add a Buy/Sell indicator to charts that plots the volume bought and sold in each period.

Relative volume

Relative volume calculations in Spark 2 now only include On Market trades. This better reflects a stock's trading activity and prevent distortion caused by one off large block trades.

Relative Volume figures can now be accessed during the opening auction, enabling comparison between the projected executed volume and the typical trading activity of the stock during the auction period.

Removing stocks, etc

Spark 1 required you to drag an item to the remove button in the toolbar.

Spark 2 adds the following buttons:

Watchlists and Alerts

Click the small x icon that appears next to the code when you hover over the stock code.

Note that you can also type -BHP to remove BHP, for example.

Quotes in the Watchbar and Minibar

Click the small x icon that appears in the upper right of the quote when you hover over the quote.

Chart Overlays and Indicators

Click the Remove button in the overlay or indicator's settings menu.

Quality of life improvements

  • Hold Ctrl and click on a headline or news icon to open the document in your external PDF reader.
  • Multiple news icons display when multiple announcements have been released by a company on the same day.
  • Click the middle mouse button (anywhere) to toggle the display of the toolbar.
  • Right button click on the clock to toggle the display of seconds and tenths of seconds.
  • Table column headings are now available. Press H to toggle their display.

Legacy Preferences

You can customize Spark 2 to look and behave more like Spark 1 by selecting the Preferences menu option and clicking on Legacy Preferences.

Note that some of these settings may cause Spark to differ from this documentation.

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Showing help for MacOS. Change to Windows.