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Spark Technical Requirements

Windows System Requirements

Minimum OS
Windows 7+
64 bit++ +++
DirectX 11 compatible
6 Core CPU, 8GB RAM, discrete GPU

Spark for Windows requires DirectX 11. Microsoft released DirectX 11 in 2009. It is included with every version from Windows 7+.

Your GPU must also support DirectX 11. Some older graphics cards may not work even if your version of Windows supports DirectX 11.

To check that your Windows PC can run Spark:

  1. Click on the Start Menu
  2. Type “dxdiag” into the Search Box to run Microsoft DirectX Diagnostics
  3. Click the “Display“ tab from the panel view in the DirectX window
  4. For Windows 10 or Windows 8 look for “Feature Levels”; for Windows 7 look for “DDI Version”
  5. To run Spark, the number shown must be ≥ 11

+ Windows 7 support requires Service Pack 1 and the Platform Update.

++ Spark runs natively on 64bit x86 and Arm CPUs.

+++ Spark does not run on 32 bit Windows.

MacOS System Requirements

Minimum OS
MacOS 10.11*
64 bit**
Metal compatible
M1 Mac

Spark for MacOS requires Metal. Apple introduced Metal in 2015. It is supported on all Mac hardware from mid 2012.

To view Apple's list of hardware that supports Metal, click here.

To check that your Apple Mac can run Spark:

  1. Choose “About this Mac” from the System Menu
  2. Click the “System Report…” button
  3. Click on “Graphics/Displays” on the left hand side
  4. To run Spark, it must show “Metal Family: Supported”
* El Capitan and above.
** Spark runs natively on Apple Silicon and Intel CPUs.