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The Speedlist is located at the top of the toolbar and allows for quick access and review of stocks within a designated watchlist.

Instead of manually entering stock codes, stocks can be accessed using their assigned speedlist number and quickly navigated between using the Left and Right keys.

To assign a watchlist to a Speedlist, you can

  • click the Watchlist button in the Speedlist menu and select a desired watchlist
  • use the shortcut key Shift S to assign the currently selected watchlist.

Each Spark screen has its own separate Speedlist.


The first nine stocks in the watchlist are assigned Speedlist numbers 1 through 9, which can be used to quickly access the stocks by either clicking the corresponding Speedlist buttons or using the assigned numbers.

Clicking the Stocks... button will display all stocks in the Speedlist in a pop-up menu.

The Left and Right arrow keys can be used to navigate to the previous or next stock in the Speedlist, respectively. Holding Shift while using these keys will change all stocks on the current desktop to the selected stock.

Similarly, holding Shift and clicking on a Speedlist button also changes all stocks on the current desktop to the selected stock.

Quote Display

Selecting Quotes in the Speedlist will display a basic stock quote for each of the stocks in the assigned watchlist.

The Quotes display can be enlarged to fill the entire height of the toolbar by clicking the arrows in the top right corner, and clicking the arrows again will shrink it back down.

If the list has been scrolled down from the top, arrows will appear on the top left side, clicking them will take you back to the top of the list.

Showing help for Windows. Change to MacOS.
Showing help for MacOS. Change to Windows.