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Spark is a revolutionary desktop application that provides streaming real-time ASX and NZX market information to finance industry professionals

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Visual Market Depth

The ultimate tool to analyse order flow

Spark's unique market depth tool visualises a stock's order book allowing you to quickly make sense of the market.
The order book is plotted as a series of stacked bars that grow and contract as new orders enter the market and trades are executed. The depth chart animation draws your attention to the underlying movements and provides deeper insights into the order flow of a stock.
Spark's depth tools can help you to identify key price levels, short term support and resistance, order age, hidden liquidity, auction imbalances, momentum changes and possible market manipulation.
Replay functions give you access to the last 90 days' trading activity. You can closely analyse a stock order book by stepping through one event at a time or replay the events at varying speeds.

Unique User Interface

Highly functional and customisable

Spark's User Interface is purpose-built for displaying and interacting with real-time market data. Everything works in a simple, consistent manner.
Intuitive Keyboard Shortcuts enable you to navigate and switch between tools and data at unparalleled speed.
Spark's flexible screen layouts and customisation options allow you to personalise your workspace and actively monitor 100's of stocks at the same time.
Multi-monitor support (up to four instances) makes Spark ideal for the most demanding of trading room environments.
High DPI fonts, full HD/4k support and a thoughtful aesthetic keeps your eyes fresh and ready to spot the next trading opportunity.

Real-time Company Announcements

Company news direct from the source

Company announcements released via the official exchange feeds are an essential source of information for traders and investors alike.
As soon as company announcements are released to the market they're available to read in Spark.
A complete 10 year archive of all company announcements is also available and can be quickly filtered and searched.


Powerful scanning tools for traders

Smartlists let you scan the entire market for stocks that meet your predetermined trading conditions and setups.
Smartlists are highly configurable and update in real-time. They can quickly uncover stocks that are in play.
  • Top Rises/Falls - List the top rises and falls within user defined market capitalisation bands, price levels or industry sectors.
  • Pre market Gap Up/Gap Down - Get ahead of the market and see what stocks will gap up or down the most during the pre market auction.
  • Auction Imbalance - Trade the opening match with confidence by identifying stocks with highest positive/negative surplus volume post the auction phase. Optionally restrict the Smartlist to specific ASX Opening Group(s) to focus your attention.
  • Price Delta - Like a top rises/falls list but for a custom time period. Set a delta scan to 5 mins to see what stock have moved the most in the last 5 minutes. Alternatively set the delta period to 1 year to see how they have performed over the longer term.
  • Relative Volume - Identify stocks that have unusually high or low volume by comparing the current day's volume vs the volume the stock normally trades at the same point during the previous day, the week's average and the month's average.

Real-time Charts

Now with chart drawing

Spark offers real-time and historical charts featuring a comprehensive selection of indicators with fully adjustable parameters.
Realtime charts have flexible time periods with chart periods able to be set from just 1 second.
Multiple chart profiles can be saved to quickly access charts with your specific custom settings and time periods/ranges.
Trendlines and annotations can quickly been added and are available over all time periods and saved chart profiles. You can choose to highlight chart trendlines within the depth tool to aid monitoring important price levels.

More Features

Consolidated Market Data

Spark allows you to optionally consolidate the data of Australia’s two major stock exchanges (ASX and CBOE Australia) to provide the complete trading and order activity in an aggregated view.


Create personalised watchlists quickly and easily. Paste in codes from external apps to quickly generate lists.


Set price, news, and volume alerts to get immediate notification when price levels/conditions are met. Alerts can be set and monitored using the dedicated alert tool and also within the market depth and chart tools.


You can scan for trades greater than a certain percentage of the current day's volume or trades that represent turnover greater than x% of the market capitalization. This can help you find outsized trades that can be difficult to detect in small-cap stocks.

Derivatives (Options and Warrants)

Quickly filter and list available option chains for any stock or index traded on the ASX Derivative market.


Access the underlying market data and feed directly into Microsoft Excel using Spark’s DDE interface.


Pricing for Professional Users

Spark Base
$150 /month
The Spark Base fee is required for all subscriptions
A $150 discount is available for annual subscriptions
Add the data packs below to cover the markets you want
Australia Data Pack
$50 /month
  • ASX and CHI-X Equities
  • ASX and CHI-X Indexes
  • ASX and CHI-X Warrants
  • ASX and CHI-x ETFs
  • ASX Interest Rates
  • ASX Structured Products
ASX and CHI-X can be optionally consolidated
ASX Derivatives Data Pack
$25 /month*
  • ASX Stock Derivatives
  • ASX Index Derivatives
* Requires Australia Data Pack
NZX Data Pack
$25 /month
  • NZX Main Board
  • NZX Debt Market
  • Fonterra Shareholders
All prices shown are in AUD inclusive of Australian GST.
Payment is by credit card. Corporates should contact us directly on +61 2 8067 8694 to arrange alternative invoicing.
Prices shown are for Private Users. To see pricing for Professional Users, click here.
Prices shown are for Professional Users. To see pricing for Private Users, click here.