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You can link two or more tool windows together so that changing the stock of one will change the stock of the others.

For example, you could create a desktop showing a smartlist, depth, trades, and a chart, and link all of the stock windows together.

Then you would be able to drag stocks from the smartlist onto any of the stock tools, and all of the stock tools would change to that stock.

You can also use the standard speedlist shortcuts to change the stocks: e.g. 1 through 9 would change all of the tools that were linked to the same group.

Drag the titlebar of one tool while holding Shift and drop it on another tool.

A small chain link will appear on the left of the titlebar to indicate that the tools are linked.

You can join any number of tools to the same group by dragging to or from a window that is already linked.

If you link other tools together in a separate group, a number will appear next to the chain link to indicate to which group it belongs.

To remove a tool from a linked group, hover over the chain link icon, it will change to an X.

Click the X to break the link.


Using the More button in the Layout menu of the Toolbar you can split a window and automatically link the windows by column or row.

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Showing help for MacOS. Change to Windows.