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Spark tables are designed to show as much information as possible without manually choosing which columns to display.

As you resize a window, less important columns drop off before more important columns.

The columns are not necessarily dropped from the right hand side. They may be located next to similar information.

Furthermore, before dropping a column, some columns will be abbreviated so the information is still available.

You can always press Z to zoom a window to see more columns, and press Z again to go back to how it was.

Column Priority

For the reasons given above, Spark table layout is based on priority, not left-to-right ordering.

Open the Column Priority editor by clicking on Columns in the tool's File menu.

To change the priority of a column, drag and drop its button to reorder it.

To remove a column entirely, click the x that appears when you hover over its button.


When this option is on, some columns are able to narrow and show abbreviated data at some priority, before being dropped at another priority.

e.g. Volume is the unabbreviated column, which might show 1,234,567. It abbreviates to Vol, which would show 1.2M. Volume changes to Vol fairly early in the priority order to increase space available so that the other columns can keep displaying as the window narrows. The abbreviated column is dropped later because Vol is considered important.

When this option is off, no columns will abbreviate.


When this option is set, Spark will automatically boost a column's priority if it is important.

e.g. when ordering by Rel Vol, the Rel Vol column will be boosted to the priority of "Boosted", so it will be dropped when "Boosted" is dropped, not when "Rel Vol" is usually dropped.

Columns that are boosted by the current settings have "boosted" shown beside their button.

Show Unused

You can hide columns that are not relevant to the current combination of settings by setting this option.

e.g. In smartlists the Delta columns are only relevant when a Delta Period is set.

Show Disabled

You can hide columns you're not interested in by clicking the x that appears when you hover over the column's button.

Set this option to reveal the columns you've disabled.

Copy and Paste

You can copy the column settings and paste them into a different tool, as long as the tools have the same type.

Reset to Defaults

This button will set the column priority back to the default for the tool.

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Showing help for MacOS. Change to Windows.