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Legacy Preferences

These settings are provided for users coming from Spark 1, who would prefer the least number of changes.

Enabling any of these options will cause Spark to differ from its documentation.

Use old colour scheme

Spark 2 has light and dark modes.

Set this option to go back to the old colours.

Use old font

Spark 2 uses scalable fonts to draw sharp text on high-DPI displays with arbitrary scaling.

Spark 1 used hand drawn fonts that can look better on low resolution displays.

Set this option to use the original Spark 1 fonts on non-high-DPI monitors and on monitors with 200% scaling. i.e. older monitors or most MacOS retina monitors.

If the old font can't be drawn at the monitor's scale, Spark 2 will use the system's Tahoma font.

Spark 2 changed some keyboard shortcuts to be more uniform and to make room for shortcuts related to trading.

Set this option to go back to the old shortcuts.

Note that new features will therefore not be available through keyboard shortcuts.

Widen gaps between tool windows

Spark 2 has narrower gaps between the tools to show more information.

Widen gaps between desktops in the minibar

Spark 2 has narrower gaps between the desktops in the minibar to show more information.

Highlight watched stocks with grey row instead of bold code

Spark 2 shows the code in a bold font so decrease distraction.

Set this option to go back to the old way of highlighting the whole row.

Don't highlight the table row that the mouse is over

Spark 2 highlights the current row as you move your mouse to help read off columns on wide displays.

Show trend bars instead of buy/sell ratios

Spark 2 shows buy/sell ratios in smartlists, in the trades section of depth, and in the trades tool when grouping.

Set this option to go back to showing the movements of the last 20 trades.

Remove menubar

Remove the menubar.

This requires that the window have a normal operating system titlebar.

Show auction bar in front of orders

Spark 2 shows the auction bar behind the orders and slightly wider, along with a faded out bar extending to the top of the chart so you can see the auction price quickly.

Set this option to go back to a transparent auction bar in front of the orders.

Remove file menus from tools

Spark 2 allows you to save configs for all tools.

Set this option to remove the menu and save space.

Remove alerts menus from depth, orders, and charts

Spark 2 adds alert menus to more tools to make them quickly accessible.

Set this option to remove the menu and save space.

Remove speedlist quotes

Spark 2 lets you show quotes for the stocks in the speedlist and to expand the speedlist to the height of the window.

Set this option to only show the 3x3 grid of stock codes.

Remove chart drawing

Set this option to remove all chart drawing menus and functionality.

Remove common settings bar

Spark 2 adds the option to show tool settings in one place, which avoids the problem with tool windows that are tool small to show settings.

Set this option allow settings to be shown in the tool windows.

Register DDE Service as "Spark2"

This option is provided to allow Spark 1 users to compare Spark 2's DDE services.

You must enable this option if you run Spark 1 and Spark 2 at the same time, otherwise both applications will attempt to register the same DDE service and you cannot predict which one your DDE clients connect to.

Changing this option requires a restart.

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