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Spark allows you to consolidate ASX and CXA so that all of the information in the CXA stocks is merged into the ASX stocks.

For example, without consolidation, there will be two entirely separate BHPs: BHP and BHP.C with their own depth, trades, charts, and quotes in smartlists and watchlists.

With consolidation, all orders, trades, and closing values from the CXA market are merged with the ASX market.

Not all CXA stocks are listed on ASX

CXA has its own warrants. When consolidating, these stocks will still exist as CXA stocks and have a .C suffix.

Short Selling is always consolidated

The short selling report published by ASX is the total volume of short trades done on both ASX and CXA.

As such, when viewing non-consolidated data, the short traded volume may exceed the total volume for the day.

Filtering out one of the markets

You can show only ASX or CXA orders, trades, or closing values, by typing .A or .C on depth, orders, trades, and chart tools.

Note that the stock quote will still be consolidated, and the CXA stock will still be hidden.

Type .. to remove the filter.


Trade Condition Codes

When consolidating ASX and CXA, CXA report types or trade types and designations are translated to ASX condition codes where they have a similar meaning.

ASX Code Desc Report Type Desc
NX NBBO Crossing S Trades with Price Improvement
LT Late Reported E Out of Hours Trade
ET ETF Special Trade F ETF Trade Report for Unit Creations or Redemptions
ASX Code Desc Trade Type Trade Designation Desc
CX Centre Point N P Mid-Point
CP Centre Point Preference Matched B P Broker Preferenced Mid-Point

You can hover over the code to see the original CXA report type or trade type and designation.

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