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The Toolbar is located on either the left or right side of the screen. It is composed of various menu groups, each containing buttons to access the tools in Spark. Most of the actions these buttons perform can also be achieved using keyboard shortcuts.


Ctrl T toggles the display of the Toolbar. i.e. Ctrl T will show the toolbar if it is not showing, or hide it if it is already showing.

Clicking the middle mouse button (anywhere) will also toggle the display of the toolbar.

To determine which side the Toolbar appears on, select the Toolbar Left or Right button in the Display Menu.

To shrink a menu group to just the title, click on its heading. Click again to expand.

The Charts, Watchlist and Smartlist menu groups can be expanded to take the full height of the Toolbar by clicking the arrows next to the heading.

Hover over a Watchlist or Smartlist name to display a popup of that list.

You can hide menu groups from the Toolbar by clicking Menus at the bottom of the toolbar and deselecting the desired menus.

Showing help for Windows. Change to MacOS.
Showing help for MacOS. Change to Windows.