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Frequently Asked Questions

Market Information

Why can't I see CXA stocks?

When the Consolidate CXA and ASX preference is set, you will not be able to see the CXA version of stocks that are listed on both ASX and CXA.
Those CXA stocks in your watchlists will also be hidden.
Instead, the orders, trades, and closing values of the CXA stock are merged into the ASX stock, giving you a full picture of the market.
Note that not all CXA stocks are listed on ASX and you will still be able to view them.
More information is available in the help.


I can login but then it says it can't connect

This is most likely caused by a firewall or proxy.
If you use a firewall that blocks outbound connections, please allow TCP port 62001.
If you use a proxy to access the internet, then try setting the HTTP Streaming preference in the login dialog.
See troubleshooting for more information.


Why is Spark crashing?

Please enable the Automatically Send Crash Reports preference. We will receive a detailed report of exactly what caused the crash and then contact you to help.
Generally, crashes on Windows are caused by faulty or out-of-date graphics drivers, or buggy software that came preinstalled with your graphics drivers.
It is important to keep both Windows and your graphics drivers up to date together, and to disable nonessential software that may be interfering with Spark.
See troubleshooting for more information.

Why is my laptop's screen washed out?

When running on battery, Microsoft's Adaptive Brightness and Contrast automatically changes the contrast of your laptop's screen depending on whether the content is mostly light or mostly dark.
This can cause an application's darker areas to become progressively lighter while the lighter text becomes progressively darker until it is difficult to read.
We suggest that you turn the feature off.
On Windows 11, the setting is Display Settings, Brightness, Help improve battery by optimizing the content shown and brightness.
Turning this feature off on other versions of Windows depends on the version of Windows and the type of laptop. Here is a google search to help.