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The Watchbar is located at the top of the screen, above the Desktop and below the Ticker (if present). The Watchbar displays the last sale price and change for the selected group of stocks/indexes. An intraday chart is plotted in the background.

To add a stock or index to the Watchbar, simply drag a code from the Desktop and drop it in the Watchbar area. If you drop the code to the left or right of an existing code, it will be added to the Watchbar. If you drop the code directly on top of another, it will replace it.

To remove a code, hover over the code and click the X button on the top right corner.

Watchlists and Smartlists can also be displayed on the Watchbar by dragging them into the area. The constituent stocks/indexes in the lists will cycle through and be displayed.

There are two additional Watch areas available in the Minibar.


The Watchbar can be hidden by either deselecting it in the Display section of the toolbar or through the View menu.

Showing help for Windows. Change to MacOS.
Showing help for MacOS. Change to Windows.