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The Minibar is displayed at the base of the screen and provides a small visual representation of the 10 desktops available on the current screen. These are called Minis.

Hovering the mouse over a Mini will reveal the tool in a popup window. Clicking on a Mini will switch to that desktop.

In the centre of the minibar is a clock showing the current exchange time. Right button click on the clock to toggle the display of seconds and tenths of seconds.

On the left and right hand side is a watch area. Drag stocks, indexes, smartlists or watchlist to this area to display their quotes.


The Minibar can be hidden by either deselecting it in the Display section of the toolbar or through the View menu.

Switch to a desktop using the F1-10 keys or the Shift + Ctrl + Left/Right keys.

To copy the layout of a desktop, hold Shift and drag a Mini to another Mini. You can also copy desktops between screens by dragging a Mini from one screen to another.

Showing help for Windows. Change to MacOS.
Showing help for MacOS. Change to Windows.