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The Announcements tool allows you to access and view all announcements made by a company in the last 10 years. By clicking on a specific headline, the associated announcement document will be displayed in the Announcement Viewer.


  • press A
  • click the Announcements button in the Stock Tools section of the Toolbar
  • or select the Announcement option in the Tools menu


Price Sensitive announcements are highlighted by a pink background.

Hover your cursor over a date or time to display a chart showing the share price for the 90 day period around the announcement date.

Click the date or time to change the tool to the market depth as at the time of the announcement release. Drag the date or time to another window to make that window display the depth as at the time of the announcement release.

Drag the headline to another window to make that window display the document.

Hold Ctrl and click on a headline to open the document in your external PDF reader.

You can also enter dates and times directly to quickly move to a specific point in time. Press Space, type in a time/date, e.g. 10 Oct 2020, and press Enter.


Date Date
Time Time
Headline Announcement Headline
Report Code The reports codes are assigned by the Exchange. A single announcement can be assigned up to 20 report codes. The primary report code is displayed in the list. Hovering over the report code column will reveal any others
Price Last Traded Price at the Time of the Announcement
Change Change since the Announcement
% Chg Percent Change since the Announcement



See here.

Enter text into the search field to search for specific terms within the headline of the announcement. Note: The search will not include the text within the body of the document.


Price Sensitive Only include price sensitive announcements
Report Codes... Only include announcements assigned with the selected report codes
Include Related Include related announcements. Related announcements are those issued by other companies but have been tagged by the exchange as being related to the company currently displayed.

Use the Nav chart to quickly move to a specific point in time within the last 10 years.

The Nav chart plots the share price of the stock for the selected period. Click the period buttons below the chart to alter the displayed period.

The Nav chart can be expanded to take the full width of the controls by clicking the arrows in the top right corner. Click the arrows again to unexpand it.

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