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The Profile tool provides a brief overview of a company's main business activities and operations, as well as a 10 year summary of key fundamental data, ratios, and statistics.

This information is provided by Morningstar and updated overnight.


  • press P
  • click the Profile button in the Stock Tools section of the Toolbar
  • or select the Profile option in the Tools menu



Popup Display the profile in a pop-up window.
Launch Open the profile in your external PDF reader. Alternatively, Ctrl click anywhere in the window


Rotate Rotate the profile 90°
Fit Width Scale the profile based on the page width
Fit Height Scale the profile based on the page height
Auto Todo


Prev Move to the previous page
Next Move to the next page
-5 Skip back 5 pages
+5 Skip forward 5 pages
First Move to the first page
Last Move to the last page
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