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Quick Filters

Quick Filters allow you to filter any market tool or smartlist by a watchlist.

For example, if you press 1 when viewing Market Announcements, you will see all announcements in the last 90 days for stocks in your first watchlist.

If you press 5 when viewing Rises, you will see stocks that are up in your fifth watchlist.


  • press 1..9 to filter by your 1st through 9th watchlist.
  • press Left and Right to filter by the previous or next watchlist.
  • press 0 to remove the filter.
  • click the watchlist name in the titlebar to choose from your full selection of watchlists.
  • use Shift with any of the above to filter all market tools on the current desktop.


If you arrange multiple smartlists and market tools on a desktop, then using Shift to filter by a watchlist will quickly give you a broad overview of each of your watchlists.

When filtering by watchlist, the tool will show the watchlist name in the titlebar.

Showing help for Windows. Change to MacOS.
Showing help for MacOS. Change to Windows.